Hotel is full of Lunar New Year’s holiday products.

The hotel industry is launching related package products aimed at Seolcance people (New Year’s Day + Vacation) who want to spend their holidays comfortably at hotels in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

The hotel industry has been releasing products aimed at them as the atmosphere of resting at hotels alone or on a family basis without visiting their hometowns during the COVID-19 pandemic has spread.

This year is the first Lunar New Year since social distancing was lifted, but analysts say that related products are being introduced as the trend to enjoy Seolcance at hotels has become a culture.

According to industries on the 13th, Seoul Shilla Hotel will hold a wine party for the Lunar New Year holiday. The Seoul Shilla Hotel will hold a “Holiday Winery” event for three days from the 21st, when the Lunar New Year holiday begins, where you can enjoy wine and Mariaju snacks along with jazz performances.

The grand banquet hall, where the event will be held, is a magnificent space of about 1,130㎡ (340 pyeong), with dinner tables, colorful chandeliers, subtle lighting and candles reminiscent of a dinner hall in the movie.

About 10 kinds of wine and mariage snacks will be prepared, and mariage snacks will consist of the representative menu of the Seoul Shilla Hotel. It even offers sweet desserts along with cheese plates, cocktail shrimp, tenderloin chop steak, grilled salmon, and homemade sausages.

There will also be a six-member live jazz performance consisting of piano, contrabass, jazz guitar, drums, saxophone and trumpet.

In particular, this year, a special event with rabbits was organized to mark the Year of the Rat. Among the 10 types of wines, two types of red and white wines from “Gentle Rabbit,” famous for its rabbit label, were prepared to mark the Year of the Rabbit in 2023, adding meaning. In addition, all customers who enter the wine party will be presented with the 2023 Rabbit Year Edition Shilla Bear.

The “Holiday Winery” room package consists of ▲ Deluxe Room (1 night) ▲ “Holiday Winery” admission benefit (2 people) ▲ 2023 Rabbit Year Edition Shilla Bear (1) ▲ Gymnasium ▲ Indoor Swimming Pool (2 people) and can stay from January 21st to 23rd when the wine party is held.

Chosun Hotel & Resort will present a variety of promotions for customers who visit the hotel during the holiday season to mark the New Year’s holiday in 2023.

Westin Chosun Seoul will showcase the “2023! Happy Bunny Year” package during the Lunar New Year holiday.

It is a limited package that will be introduced from the 21st to the 23rd of this month, and special New Year desserts will be included in the winter season package “Starry Fairy Winter” of Westin Chosun Seoul.

Along with the limited edition jewelry box from jewelry platform Amons, it will offer a gold heart pearl necklace from designer jewelry “Deepbrow” and a hand cream and odd perfume discovery set from Nichi perfume brand “Le Persona.”

In addition, as it is the year of the black rabbit, Chosun Delhi’s Mini Carrot Pound Cake is provided only to customers who book the package.

In addition, Westin Chosun Seoul Chosun Delhi will sell “Lucky Cookie Set” and “Walnut Crumble Glutinous Rice Bread Set” consisting of five-colored lucky bag-shaped cookies until the 23rd for New Year’s Day.

Lescape and Westin Chosun Busan, Grand Chosun Busan and Jeju also prepared related products for the Lunar New Year holiday.

Hanwha Hotel & Resort will introduce Winter Spa Holic until the 28th of next month. Amid the recent increase in demand for hot spring destinations such as Japan, Hanwha Hotel & Resort has prepared a “Winter Spa Holic” package to enjoy hot springs inside the resort.

By utilizing the internal facilities of the resort that use hot spring water, you can use outdoor open-air baths and saunas without going far.

Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano, located in Sokcho, Gangwon-do, offers one night of deluxe rooms and two tickets for Seorak Waterpia weekly tickets or night spa. Seorak Waterpia is a hot spring theme park designated as the first “Boyang Hot Spring” in Korea.

Hanwha Resort Gyeongju, located in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, offers a one-night deluxe room with a hot spring sauna ticket or two Pororo Aqua Village all-day tickets. Pororo Aqua Village operates as a natural hot spring water. In addition, you can meet the Winter Spa Holic package at Hanwha Resort Baekam Hot Spring, Sanjeong Lake Ansi, and Jeju. 서울 호텔 추천

Paradise Hotel Busan introduced the “Winter Hue” package). This package is designed so that you can enjoy a winter vacation in Haeundae Ocean View. From winter spa therapy to leisurely tea time, you can enjoy a variety of customized benefits suitable for a lively New Year’s healing trip. The stay period can also be selected until February 28th, so it is good to prepare for the Lunar New Year holiday.

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