Barcelona Well Woman Centre

Barcelona Well Woman Centre

Meet our team A talented group of international health professionals

Barcelona Well Woman's mission is to empower our clients to live healthy and balanced lives through personal, natural and holistic treatments. Our talented team is what makes this mission possible. At the centre you will find not just one therapist able to provide guidance, but a strong network of health professionals--all available to assist you along the path to the healthiest version of your true self.

 <a href="">Uby Muñoz</a>
Founder of Well Woman, specializes in women's fertility See Uby's full bio
<a href="">Zoe Queally</a>
Physiotherapist focused on spinal & sports injuries See Zoe's full bio
 <a href="">Roger<br>Marcer Cortés</a>
Psychological treatment for adults & children See Roger's full bio
<a href="">Lucy Hackney</a>
Physiotherapist, specialized in sports injuries and pregnancy
See Lucy's full bio
 <a href="">Ros Acebo</a>
Physiotherapist and osteopath focused on pediatric care See Ros's full bio
 <a href="">Angela Sealy</a>
Tailored therapeutic yoga & traditional Thai massage See Angela's full bio
 <a href="">Elvira <br>Verón de Apice</a>
Specialist in pregnancy & lymphatic draining massage See Elvira's full bio
 <a href="">Luis Ros</a>

Luis Ros

Holistic Therapist and Kinesiologist
Specialist in Holistic Therapy and Kinesiology See Luis's full bio
 Lotta Nygren-Bonnier

Lotta Nygren-Bonnier

Beauty and Massage Therapist

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We are locted on the corner of Casp and Bailen.
Address: Barcelona, Spain, Calle Casp 80, 1-3


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622 720 499
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