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Barcelona Well Woman Centre

Uby Muñoz

Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine

I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist and Doula with 22 years of clinical experience. I specialize in natural fertility and women’s health.

I also use acupuncture to help patients suffering from muscular and joint pains, migraines, problems with digestion and circulation systems, allergies and emotional imbalances as well as helping those who wish to maintain and promote health as a way of preventing illness. I employ a holistic approach that not only treats illness, but also helps women make choices in their lives to prevent disease.

“In Traditional Chinese Medicine we treat the whole patient, considering the root causes affecting a patient’s reproductive wellness and their overall wellbeing. Chinese medicine gives me the tools to diagnosis each patient’s unique pattern of imbalance and to work with them to correct those imbalances and foster true healing of the mind, body and spirit.”

I qualified as an acupuncturist in 2000 at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, the largest institution of its kind in the UK, where I completed an intensive and comprehensive 3½ year training, studying both western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have been studying Chinese Medicine since 1977, and have been practising Shiatsu since graduating from the British School of Shiatsu-Do in 1984.

I have taught at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and the School of Five Elements Acupuncture in addition to my acupuncture and shiatsu practices. I am a registered member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the professional body for acupuncturists in the UK, which carries with it a strict code of ethics and professional conduct.

As with all the clinic’s practitioners, Uby is firmly committed to her professional development in order to ensure that she brings the most up-to-date and broad spectrum of knowledge to her clients.

Specialized Fertility Training
Fertility and AcupunctureZita West Fertility Clinic, London
Acupuncture for FertilityLondon Acupuncture Childbirth Team, supported by the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health
Acupuncture for obstetricsLondon Acupuncture Childbirth Team, supported by the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health
Doula training with the obstetrician Michel Odent y Liliana Llamers
Japanese Acupuncture for children – Shonishin technique
Zero BalancingZero Balancing Health Association, Jeff Lennard, London

General Acupuncture Training
College of Integrated Chinese Medicine
• London Practitioners’ day with John and Angela Hicks
• Gynaecology with Giovanni Maciocia
• Needle technique
• Getting better at getting the CF with John and Angela Hicks
• Qi-Gong with Bruce Frantzis
• I-Ching and Chinese Medicine – Peter Firebrace

The London College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Tuina massage, Sarah Pritchard
• Qi-Gong
• Facial Acupuncture

The School of Five Element Acupuncture
• Welcome Fragrance – Paul Hougham
• Teacher Training – Liz Pinder-Ayres
• Jing and Blood – Alan Hext The 5 Emotions – Elizabeth la Rochat
• Traditional Chinese Medicine The South West College of Oriental Medicine

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Learn more about acupuncture and natural fertility treatments with Uby.

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