Tips to Make the Most of Spring to Improve your Life and get rid of irritability and frustration.

Spring and Chinese Medicine Acupuncture


Spring is an excellent time to stop procrastinating and face the challenges that emerge from within our beings or in our day to day lives that can impede us from our spiritual evolution.

The Five Elements in Chinese Medicine Acupuncture are: Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal and Water.
They are manifestations of change in nature thus each stage is associated with a
particular time of the year, a time of the day, a pair of organs in the body, the different tastes, colours, etc.

Each element has its particular character and belong to one of the seasons of the year
Our goal is to harmonize ourselves with the prevailing season.
We are entering Spring that belong to the Wood Element which characteristics are
upward movement, expansion, creativity, vision, new beginnings, flowers bloom and there
is a sense of renewal all around. It is the ideal time for cleansing, rejuvenation and wellbeing.

The related organs are Liver and Gall Blader,
the Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body.
When the liver function smoothly, physical and emotional activity throughout
the body also run smoothly, so move your Qi for optimum health by stretching,
exercising and doing more outdoor activities and using your creativity.

The Liver and the Gall Bladder are the primary organs for detox and cleansing, so do
you Spring cleaning at home and your body.
The color of the Wood Element is Green, so eat fresh food, leafy greens like kale,
spinach, sprouts, young plants, sour food like lemon and vinegar to improve the liver
functions and aid in the movement of Qi

The Liver with its function of smooth flow of energy or Qi is affected by the negative emotions such as
frustration, anger, resentment so that is why it is so important to use your creativity in new projects and outdoor activities so as to move stagnant energy that will help to move the Qi energy and get rid of irritability, despondence and frustration so to bring up the positive mental emotional attributes of this important Element which are Compassion, patience, acceptance, benevolence and honesty.

The acupuncture points in the body that resonate with spring have the power to harmonise us with this very powerful time of the year. They synchronise us with movement, positivity, determination, creativity and cleanliness that is proper to the Spring.
I offer a special detox treatment with acupuncture based on the Five Elements

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