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What services are offered?

I offer diagnostic services and psychological treatment, directed at people who are in a state of emotional upset or have a disorder significant enough to make them want to change their lives. I work with both the adult and child-adolescent populations.

What is treatment like?

My therapeutic style is kind, empathetic, and professional. I treat sessions as a space where patients can express themselves freely, explore their emotions, and feel understood.

I start each intervention with an initial psychological evaluation, which involves exploring affective aspects and intellectual aptitudes, followed by working through the feelings and thoughts that lead to emotional upset and modifying problematic habits and behaviors. I focus my attention directly on the patient, and can provide tools and guidelines to parents and teachers, if necessary.

What is it for?

Treating the following problems in adults:

  • Emotional problems (anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, fatigue, and stress)
  • Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors (anticipatory negative thoughts, behaviors of control, excessive organizing, or specific fears or phobias)
  • Impulse control problems
  • Interpersonal problems and social relations (communication issues, excessive shyness, social anxiety disorder, and other problems in group settings)
  • Eating disorders (compulsive eating, anorexia, or bulimia)
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Diagnostic services and psychological evaluations

Treating the following problems in children/adolescents:

  • Behavioral problems (difficulty accepting social norms, low frustration tolerance, or difficulty controlling anger)
  • Lack of motivation for academics or activities requiring commitment and effort
  • Problems with social interaction (making and keeping friends, excessive shyness, poor social skills, fear of taunting)
  • Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Learning disabilities
  • Emotional problems (anxiety, emotional instability, fatigue, or depression)
  • Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors: negative thoughts and anticipation of threats, distress, behaviors of control, ritualistic behavior, and anxiety related to change)
  • Diagnostic services and psychological evaluation

Psychological treatment for adults:

Treatment is divided into two parts – initial evaluation or diagnosis, and applying appropriate therapeutic techniques. I help patients identify their emotional problems, where these problems come from, and what their consequences are so they can modify the factors and behaviors that contribute to these problems.

Psychological treatment for children/adolescents:

I understand that resolving conflicts in young people requires a special interest in creating a strong therapeutic bond and encouraging a therapeutic enclave. It is important to establish common goals and a plan of action between the therapist, family, and school.


Psychotherapy session: €50
Psychological diagnostic report: €110

About Roger Marcer Cortes

Roger Marcer Cortes is a Psychologist (n.c 12758) accredited as a Health Psychologist (Departament de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya) who started his professional career dedicated to psychotherapy 15 years ago. He is currently visiting patients in Barcelona (Barcelona Well Women Clinic) and in Malgrat de Mar. See Roger's full bio

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