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Food as medicine

“Let food be your medicine”, Hippocrates said it best many years ago and it still holds true: our health depends on our lifestyle and our daily diet. To work properly, the body requires healthy habits and certain nutrients that are in food, if properly chosen! If symptoms (acute and chronic) disease may be indicated or unlock the body with a specific debugging and stimulate self and life force itself with natural supplements that help restore balance and restore health.


On the first visit we will analyze the diet and lifestyle of the patient and develop a record with the history. We can expand the information with a diagnosis of the iris. Next we set the goal and plan the treatment. We end the visit with a personalized dietary proposal, indicating the most appropriate supplements to accelerate the process desired.


First visit: 95€
Following visits: 70€

For treatment and welfare of my patients, we have several options and use different tools:

  • Personalized diet supplements with orthomolecular support
  • Treatment with natural remedies, suitable for any age
  • Debug programs for the whole body
  • Emotional Therapy with Bach flowers
  • Diagnosis by iris
  • Reflexology and Shiatsu therapy.



Consulting hours:Tuesday & Thursday, 9-20h



Dorte is a naturopath and orthomolecular nutritionist specializing in diet therapy. She believes what we eat and how we live has an effect on our body, physically, mentally and emotionally.
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