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Roger Marcer Cortés

Psychotherapist & Psychologist

Roger Marcer is a psychologist accredited as a Health Psychologist (Department de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya) who started his professional career dedicated to psychotherapy 15 years ago. He is currently visiting patients in Barcelona (Barcelona Well Women Clinic) and in Malgrat de Mar.

During these years as a psychologist, Roger has worked with a variety of patients and has focused his career as a way of involvement and development doing studies of postgraduate, being a part of a group of research and therapy (SCRITC) and other training activities. He also holds the opinion that it is important to consider that the therapist also develop unique experiences with his patients, which is a very rewarding aspect of the job.

In addition, in the frame of psychology, he has also completed professional interpersonal trainings, participated in final professional recruitment interviews, and done analysis of relationships and communications for a small and medium business companies. In addition, Roger has served as a coach and sports teacher in prisons for young residents.

Credited as Health Psychologist (from Department de Salut de la Generalitat).
Degree in Psychology (University of Barcelona).
Graduate Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (University of Barcelona).
Master in Children and Youth (Autonomous University of Barcelona) Psychology.
Psychotherapist and member of the Catalan Society for Research and behavioral therapy, SCRITC.

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