Barcelona Well Woman Centre

Barcelona Well Woman Centre

Luis Ros

Holistic Therapist and Kinesiologist

Through the therapeutic sessions of Holistic Kinesiology, Psychology, Biological Restructing, Transpersonal therapy, emotional release techniques and Homeosynthesis, which is based on the natural processes of healing and balance, we can treat any type of physical problem or illness, as well as emotional disorders that detract from well-being; it is also possible to treat any problem in personal relationships as a couple, where other specific techniques are included, making a personalized treatment for each patient. Each session is usually one hour or more depending on the dynamics, performing a continuous monitoring of the evolution.
We can also test food intolerances and allergies, biocidal or biogenic foods, and treatments in organs, glands and the nervous system, as well as energy, and therapy through the DNA.

Psycho-emotional and mood therapies:
Treatment of stress, depression and anxiety
Treatment of addictions
Personal Growth Therapy
Individual Therapy
Couple therapy
Group Therapy
Personal Coaching
Family Coaching
Business Coaching

Physical and chemical therapies:
Natural treatment of pathologies and diseases
Musculoskeletal system
Treatment of organs
Correction of allergies and food intolerances
Anti-Aging Treatments
Test of biocidal and biogenic foods
Test of excesses and nutritional deficiencies
Testing and treatment of food supplements
Cholesterol treatment
Treatment of the nervous system
Treatment of oncological processes

Vibrational and energetic therapies:
Energy restoration and chakras
Correction of auric field
Release of personal energy laces
Akashic Records
REIKI Therapy
EFT Emotional Release Techniques
Therapy and DNA Reconnection (reprogramming)

Luis Ros
Holistic Therapist and Kinesiologist
Transpersonal Therapy
Psycho-emotional restructuring
And Biological (RPB Method)

Contact Details:
To contact Luis, send him an email at or call him at
+34 622 720 499.