Barcelona Well Woman Centre

 Lotta Nygren-Bonnier

I am from Sweden.
I came to Barcelona in the end of 1998. I am a Beauty- and Massage Therapist, educated Stockholm, Sweden.

I am specialized in alternative treatments for relaxation and wellbeing.
There are four treatments, that one alone is efficient for its purpose as well as they all can be combined to broaden the holistic effect:

Swedish Classical Massage, Korean Abdominal Massage Bok Bu, Japanese Face Lifting Massage and Galvanic Spa Treatment.
For more than 24 years, I have worked in different countries and treatment facilities. This has given me an opportunity to develop my technique and my way of working holistically to improve the wellbeing for my client. This is your time.

Times are changing and we with them. Today, our days are filled with professional and personal activities. To give yourself the space to receive a relaxing treatment, is something that improves your mental and physical health. With regularity, it will reduce the risk of getting serious health problems, created by, for instance, stress.
Furthermore, in using quality products for your skincare, gives you the best way to take care of and protect your biggest organ, the skin.

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