Name: Angela Sealy  

Occupation: Yoga Instructor/Massage Therapist

1.     What is your educational background?
I received a BA in International Political Economy from Tulane University in 2008 and worked in international development for 5 years before fully transitioning over to yoga & massage full-time. I’ve been practicing yoga for over a decade and doing various massage trainings since 2011. In 2013, I became certified as a 350-hr Yoga Instructor and since then have completed trainings Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga. I’ve trained and assist teaching courses in Spain, Greece, France, Mexico and the US.

2.     How did you build your success/career to where you are now?
I work best with meeting people face-to-face so in the beginning, I went to many networking events throughout the city to recruit new clients. Overtime, business has become more stable which thankfully comes from recommendations by my clients and also thanks to the other therapist at Well Woman that recommend me to their patients.

3.     What inspired you to become what you do?
I’ve found an unwavering passion in both yoga and massage as a healing method for both myself and my clients. I continue to be amazed by the healing power of both as I continue to learn more thru workshops and trainings but also thru every encounter I have with my students/patients.

4.     What does a typical day look for you at your job?
Everyday is completely different which I love! But normally I do some planning/marketing work in the mornings or I might teach a private in someone’s home. In the afternoons, I might do a few massages or teach a group yoga class.

5.     What advice do you have for people aspiring for the same career as yours?
Take a leap of faith and do it! If you are passionate about what you do, you simply SHINE! Others are drawn to that shininess. But be patient, as Uby Muñoz, owner of Well Woman told me when I first started, because it takes time to make connections, build up your clientele and find your flow.

6.     What is the most important thing you’ve learned in your job?
That everyone is an individual and will receive and respond to treatments and therapies in very different ways, depending on whether they are open to that particular method. What could be the key to recovery for one person doesn’t work on another so it’s always good to be ready for that.

7.     Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? What are some goals for your job?
I’m currently in the beginning stages of planning to open a retreat center outside of Barcelona that people can escape to for a long weekend or come and do a retreat surrounded by nature, healthy food and options to relax with different healing modalities. It would combine both my background in business and my love of yoga retreats.

8.     What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Seeing the progress and transformation that takes place in my clients — from when they first try out Thai massage and leave blissfully relaxed to when a beginning yoga student tries a more difficult pose and gets after several tries and leaves feeling confident and strong.

9.     Your health philosophy in one sentence?
Tap into the flow of life….find balance, harmony, listening to your intuition, movement, breath, food as medicine and nature!
10.  What are benefits people can achieve from a session of yours?
Blissful relaxation and realignment of the body both energetically and physically. I love to work with anyone dealing with pain or recovering from an injury and how surprised they are to feel better after one session.
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