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Classes instructed by Martyna, a co-host of yoga retreats for Mend (The #1 self care app for breakups & beyond. Named “Best of 2018” by Apple & “A Personal Trainer for Heartbreak” by The New York Times).• Individuals / couples• Holistic approach• Weekly appointments/ flexible hours• Studio located in the center of Barcelona• Leave feeling grounded, focused, and at Peace with yourselfAbout Martyna I Om Yoga I Benefits & TestimonialsHello, My name is Martyna and I incorporate Yoga Tools and share Buddhist Teachings to help people (including myself) take control over their lives and minds and not let their minds take control over their lives.

I started practicing yoga back in in 2011 when I suffered an unlucky basketball accident that left mewith a right knee that needed four surgeries.I started practicing meditation and gentle yoga sequences in a local studio in Germany right after I’ve gotten out of the hospital.                    I was instantly hooked and started to follow the yoga lifestyle.In the last eight years, I took part in various yoga workshops, trainings and classes in Europe, Asia and the US.My goal is to share with you the most essential tools that she’s Learned about mindfulness, gratitude, Buddhism, concentration & meditation, yoga anatomy, spiritual intelligence and more without making you feel overwhelmed and lost.My practices are highly effective and adjusted to today’s fast-pace lifestyles and demands.Besides giving private OM yoga classes in Barcelona,I also co-hosts yoga retreats for Mend(The #1 self care app for breakups & beyond. Named “Best of 2018” by Apple & “A Personal Trainer for Heartbreak” by The New York Times).

About Martyna Om Yoga

Private Classes are designed for individuals who seek an improvement and change in their lifeIt’s for people who have always felt intimated by group classes, have particular needs andare too busy to start practicing on their own.QM yoga sessions Here:teach you to live mindfully and in a way where you take responsibility and bring awareness and meaning to your life.On a deeper level, we cover various yoga and Buddhist tools to discover the truth about oneself and start living in a compassionate way.These sessions can be considered healing as they bring transparency and relaxation into people’s life.What is included?• Yoga and Buddhist Teachings• Guided meditations for stress, -anxiety, -low self-esteem, -emotional control and more• Asana (=posture) & pranayama (=breathing) practices• Stone chakra- and many other healing treatments adjusted to student needs and lifestyleVideo
50 min –  55€
70 min –  70€
Hours of Availability: Available for individuals & couples on request (can be available for weekends)DISCLAIMER:These private classes are empowering and safe however they ARE NOT to be treated as substitutes for medical care.They are neither to be used as a replacement to conventional medical care or to postponement to see a health care provider about pain or any other medical condition. Professional treatment, including medications, can be required, particularly if you have i.e.a history of trauma or intense anxiety.If you already receiving any profound medical treatments, please consultwith your health care provider before participating in these classes.


Benefits: When you practice yoga you RELAX as your mind becomes Less active.That means you don’t worry about the past and you are not anxious about future.Yoga activates the alpha brain wave and makes your thoughts take a rhythm of about 8 to 12 cycles / second. It results in you becoming more aware of what’s happening in the PRESENT moment and conscious of your senses as you take the signals from the outside world more accurately.In addition to that, studies show that regular yoga practice increases the grey matter density in the brain which results in better cognitive abilities, longer lasting memory, improved reasoning as well as stronger sense of perception, and more conscious body movements.Read more: HERE

Testimonials:“The session was motivating and inspiring! Martyna is very warm and supportive, the class was completely personalised to improve MY yoga practice.Highly recommended for everybody.”

Wonderful, discovering a new universe Really recommended.”Martyna is lovely.Classes are tailored to your needs and super professional!

“I’m starting my practices with Martyna after a few years practicing without guidance. After the firstpractice already felt amazed by the way she guide the class and help you to relax and be aware of yourbody at the same time. Love her method and how easy she makes for you to practice and want to comeback. Can’t wait for my next practice with her!”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me viaWhatsApp +34 644 752 644 oremail: conact@omartyna.com Martyna.

   Contact Us atBarcelona Well Woman.                We are located on the corner of Casp and Bailen.Address:  Barcelona, 08010, Spain, Calle Casp 80, 1-3If you have questions or need additional information please call:622 720 499

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Healing Private Sessions(om yoga)