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Catherine Cooke

Yoga Instructor

For me the gift of yoga allows me to reconnect with my own mind and body, becoming more in tune with myself. This lead me to pursue a career in yoga, completing a 200-hr yoga training here in Barcelona, specialising in vinyasa yoga. I continue to practice daily and I enjoy learning and discovering new ideas and techniques. My teaching is very hands on, assisting and adjusting throughout the session. The use of touch builds trust and confidence between myself and my students.

I started practicing yoga whilst living in hectic London as a way to cope with my demanding lifestyle. I began teaching yoga there and carried on when I moved to Madrid and then to Barcelona. I soon realised all major cities are physically and emotionally challenging at times. It is important that we all have somewhere to boost and lift our health, posture and wellbeing. During my classes, I create the perfect environment to practice yoga safely with the focus on experimentation and having fun.

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