How to Repel Colds

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Bring out those fuzzy socks, scarves and wool sweaters out of the back of your closet because winter has come! But unfortunately something else comes along that is common during the winter time and that is the hated flu.

So what can we do when this horrible sickness affects us and our winter spirit?

My first recommendation: stimulate the immune system and strengthen your defenses, since prevention is more important than the cure itself!

To disinfect the environment and prevent infection at home and at work, we can burn or vaporize essential oils such as pine, thyme, sage, lemon, grapefruit or eucalyptus.

Other naturist tips for preparing for colds/flus are:

  • Daily walks to clean air (countryside, mountain, sea).
  • Hot // cold water showers (head-to-toe).
  • Circular brushing of the skin throughout the body (heart direction).
  • Drink enough! Recommended drinks would be: water + sea water, thyme infusions with ginger, lemon and honey or vegetable broths with seaweed and miso.

We should also increase the consumption of all foods with capacity to stimulate our immune system, which are: garlic, onion, leek, thyme and ginger for their anti-infectious and mucolytic action.

In addition to lemon, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, red pepper, radishes, beets, fresh parsley and mauve infusion for its contribution in vitamin C, which reduces histamine in the body and stimulates the immune system, without forgetting to adequately complete our daily diet with raw and cooked vegetables, whole grains, healthy fat and protein.

Here are some tips that will help keep us healthy and that would support healing:

  • Begin each meal with something raw, such as fruit, green leaves or fresh vegetables, better organic, for its contribution in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
  • Include fermented foods such as natural yogurt or organic goat kefir, sauerkraut (fermented raw white cabbage) and non-pasteurized miso, which provide probiotics to our intestinal flora, keeping it in balance and thus help reinforce our first line of defense.
  • Combine vegetables with whole grains and legumes or animal protein, and include on the dishes dry fruits and seeds, seaweed, turmeric and ginger.
  • Take advantage of citrus, kiwi, pineapple, pomegranate, artichoke, shitake mushrooms and all kinds of cabbage, because they strengthen the immune system, and also purify the liver and kidney.
  • Consume spinach, pumpkin, carrot, moniato, cabbage, broccoli and apricots for their contribution of beta carotene (pro-vitamin A), very important for the health of our mucous membranes!
  • Prepare organic chicken broth with many vegetables such as garlic, onion, celery, leek, turnip, carrot, ginger and seaweed, adding fresh parsley, olive oil and miso diluted at the end of cooking to maintain health.
  • For dessert take infusions of different herbs, to alleviate the specific symptomatology of each moment and to increase hydration and excretion.
  • Avoid sweets, sugars, cookies, bakery and refined flours, because they are the preferred food of bacteria.

We can easily see the importance of our “ground” (predisposition) to keep us healthy, when the children are in contact with their friends who have already “caught” something or when we travel by metro or bus and around us everyone struggles with their symptoms of cold.

Some of us then become infected, and many others do not. It will largely depend on how your digestive system is, because most bacteria and viruses come in contact through the mouth or hands. In both cases they pass to the esophagus, go down to the stomach and continue their course to the intestine. There awaits our first and most important nonspecific line of defense, the lymphocytes, the police of our immune system.

If your mucosa and intestinal flora are in good condition, they will repel these aggressors, they will deny entry to the organism and will be excreted with the feces to the outside. But if the flora is damaged, unbalanced and “out of order” for many possible reasons (inadequate diet, candidiasis, treatment with antibiotics, etc.), the invaders can easily pass through the mucosa to the blood and penetrate into the body, where they will affect the most appropriate tissue for them and make us ill.

As soon as they reach the respiratory system, the body tries to defend itself from them by producing mucus to hook bacteria or viruses and then with an attack of coughs or sneezes to expel this infected mucus to the outside.

But there are also foods that favor the production of more mucus, thereby aggravating all the symptoms of the respiratory system. In addition, “atopic” children, with a tendency to suffer from symptoms such as rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma or dermatitis, often improve their symptomatology with just that: the elimination of cow’s milk from their diet. In case of much mucus, it would even be advisable to pause with all dairy products until the improvement of the symptoms. When reintroduced, fermented products (kefir) based on goat or sheep milk would be the most appropriate.

In any case it is very important to have adequate rest, good ventilation of the bedroom, humidify the environment and drink enough throughout the day, especially water at natural temperature, juices and fruit smoothies and fresh vegetables, infusions and depurative vegetable broths.

You can also use some dietary supplements, especially indicated to support the immune system, such as:

  • Natural vitamin C to strengthen defenses and prevent infections.
  • Bee Pollen, a valuable energy nutrient that helps stimulate defenses.
  • Royal jelly, which strengthens the immune system, stimulates the appetite and is known as potent reconstituent of the body.
  • Propolis, which acts as a natural antibiotic, with anti-infective and anti-inflammatory effect.

As last, I detail some “home tips” to relieve the most frequent symptoms. In case of mucus:

  • Perform nasal washings with a nasal lot (in dietetics), filled with water + pinch of natural sea salt or use Quinton nasal spray (sea water).
  • In case of thick mucus: make inhalations with thyme or chamomile or essential pine oil fumes to fluidize and disinfect.
  • Insert 1-2 drops of lemon (disinfectant) into the nose (inhale up) and then blow.
  • Leave an onion open on the bedside table, so you can breathe better.

In case of sore throat and cough:

  • Prepare an onion syrup (mucolytic, balsamic and expectorant), cutting a raw onion in tacos, covering with honey, whole sugar or agave syrup and let it rest in the refrigerator. Take the juice that is releasing.
  • Prepare a decoction of “lotus root” or jasmine flower with water and honey, take 3-4 cups a day.
  • Gargle with infusion of sage, apple cider vinegar, lemon or hot water + natural sea salt.
  • Take infusions based on thyme, mallow or marshmallow, plantain, willow, fennel or jasmine, with ginger, organic honey and lemon.

Is it necessary to continue eating when there is no appetite?

In case of infection it is normal for the patient to lose his appetite. The body needs all its energy to fight the invaders and save energy. It would be advisable to ensure the hydration of the body and thus fluidify all its excretions, preparing a chicken broth (anti-flu effect), juices and liquefied vegetables and natural and infusions according to discomfort and at ease. It is not necessary to insist on solid foods before an improvement, which will quickly return the appetite.

I wish you well this winter!

Author: Dorte Froreich
Naturopathic and orthomolecular nutritionist


5 Reasons To Practice Pregnancy Yoga


I’m a wife, yoga teacher but a mum first. I practiced yoga throughout both my pregnancies (although to a lesser degree with the first). Here’s what I know, from my own experiences, about how a pregnancy yoga practice can help YOU.


In pregnancy, emotions are haywire, particularly in the first trimester but there are ups and downs throughout, it’s a rollercoaster. In my first pregnancy (when I didn’t have a daily yoga practice) I had a hard time coping with these – floods of tears and dramatic outbursts at times. The second pregnancy was different, those weird dramatic mood swings weren’t there. I was in a new country (alone while my husband worked away), with a small child and cooking up another one and yet after my practice I felt level and together and more able to deal with things. There was a calmness and lightness that came over me that I hadn’t had before and above all a sense of joy, all of which helped massively, especially when I had tricky times.

2. IT CREATES A CONNECTED RELATIONSHIP TO YOUR BABY (yes even when they’re still in there!)

When you’re busy like most of us, there are times within your pregnancy that you can forget you’re actually pregnant. So sometimes it’s important to take time out to focus on that. The practice meant I started to build a relationship with my son while he was still in my belly. I took time to really focus on him and send him love. We communicated. I believe we’re extra connected now as a result. Oh I should also add I felt this connection to others around me, my daughter, my husband. I also see this connection happening with my students that I teach at my classes at The Well Woman Centre. I see how connected to others in the class they become in a very short space of time.


All being well, pregnancy can be a time to WORK, especially in the 2nd Trimester! It’s really helpful to build strength in your legs and bum, find more movement in your hips and pelvis, tone your pelvic floor and generally get your body working. It creates a strong basis for you and your baby for the birth and beyond. During my pregnancies I was lucky that I had minimal discomfort (only sometimes when I was sleeping) and I put a lot of this down to my yoga practice. My legs and my whole body felt strong and so I was agile and active, riding my bike, swimming in the sea and best of all this continued right up until about 38 weeks of my pregnancy. I didn’t waddle, I didn’t feel exhausted, I felt like me right up until the end.


This is such a big deal, especially when you are in the latter stages of pregnancy and your baby is pushing against your diaphragm (making you breathless), your stomach (causing heartburn) and your bladder (you need to wee all the time). Whenever I practiced I would be amazed at the change in my bump, how it softened, carried differently and most importantly gave me and my baby a feeling of space (and lightness). Wonderful! I see this in my students too, a physical change which gives them a brighter look behind the eyes.


Putting the practice in when your pregnant is massively helpful to regaining ‘you’ once you’ve had your baby. Obviously you then need a post natal yoga practice too but if your body has a learned knowledge (a muscle memory) of the movements you can spring back much quicker. Keep your body strong and your pelvic floor elastic throughout pregnancy, it will serve you well. My body is back, if not improved upon, to where it was before I had kids, I’m firmer generally all over. I’m slightly rounder in my buttocks/ belly/ hips (but I see that at as bonus – more feminine) and I have no stretch marks from either of pregnancies. I’m active but have done no other specific sports other than the practice so this is all down to that. Pelvic floor wise I still have some work to go until I feel my pelvic floor is the same as it was pre kids – perhaps it will never be- but there has been no issues and I’m still working on it. I feel like I’m strong from the inside out though.


Winter: A Time to Nourish the Soul


Based on my studies of Eastern traditions, I’ve found quite an astounding observation about the Western world — that many of us are living our lives contrary to the rhythms of nature. With so many advances emerging in technology, why is it that we’ve forgotten simple, innate intelligence on living a healthy, balanced life in tune with nature?

Healthy lifestyle choices in tune with nature include maintaining our biological clocks — such as waking with the sun & going to bed at the same time, and following the flow of the seasons — by eating what’s local and in season. That being said, one of the most evident acts in the Western world of going ‘against the grain’ of patterns found in nature is how we don’t slow down during wintertime. In fact, many of us do the polar opposite.

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, the darkness is meant to slow us down. Think about our ancestors who lived before us without electricity and heating. What do you think they did during the winter months? Huddled together under blankets by the fire drinking hot liquid to stay warm. All of their work to hunt and gather food is done during the warmer months of the year. Look at how animals & plants around us prepare themselves for the winter months. Take cues from nature to slow down during the winter and also notice how they flourish, thrive and reproduce during times of peak sunshine and warmth.

This concept is prevalent in so many traditions – from Chinese to Tibetan to Ayurvedic Medicine (Indian). Winter is a time to retreat, reset & quiet our souls, a time to go reflect and go inward. It is a time to eat hearty and slow cooked root vegetables and stews as these are more easily digestible when our digestive fire, our internal Agni, is low. In the Taoist tradition, wintertime is considered the most Yin time of year (versus summer which is Yang & ruled by the Sun, fire, action, etc). Yin characteristics include slow, quite and feminine which means during the winter months we should decelerate and reserve energy.

Yes, many people may be forced to slow down due to snow storms and cold weather, however between the holidays, celebrating the New Year and work ambitions to finish the year strong, we don’t create much time for reflection, going inward and reserving our vital energy. So why is this concept so important?

In my observations, the idea that we don’t slow down during wintertime is what leads to so much stress, illness and even depression around the holiday season. In order to feel our optimal best, harmony must exist between our physical being and our surrounding environment. When we have less life-force & energy, we must honor ourselves with self-care in order to keep our immune systems strong and our mental/emotional state sound.

Because most of us cannot afford to completely hunker down during the winter months, here are a few quick recommendations to keep yourself balanced during the coldest time of the year:
-Go to bed earlier & wake up a bit later if there is flexibility in your schedule
-Honor your energy levels – practice slower exercises like yoga & Tai Chi
-Drink herbal teas throughout the day to heat up our internal fires (ginger for a pick-me up & chamomile for relaxation)
-Eat slow cooked, hearty foods like root vegetables to nourish body/soul
-Avoid carbs, sugar and dairy in excess
-Take time to receive healing touch — massage, reiki or a cuddling session will do.

Written by Angela Sealy
December 8th, 2016

Angela is the Founder of Lila Yoga Massage. Thai Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Mantra & Retreats – Come experience ‘divine play’ at one of her next events. Be sure to follow Lila on Facebook.

Maternity Moves for All


I have recently started a new course teaching at The Well Woman Centre here in Barcelona (Tuesdays 10-11h). Rather than the class being specifically for pregnant ladies or new mums with babies, the group welcomes all maternal stages. In the first class I taught pregnant ladies ranging from their first trimester to their 37th week and new mums with 3 week, 7 week and 4 month old babies! It was certainly a real mix but it created the most fantastic vibe and supportive atmosphere. 

The class is adapted to meet the different needs of each stage and is effective for whichever place the women are at. I know this from direct experience having used this method throughout the pregnancy, birth and post-natal period with both my children.

So what exactly is it? The Maternity Moves method is a pratice based on yogic and Tai Chi principles. At its heart are two simple yet precise movements which both originate from the sacrum (back of the pelvis). This delightful scooping physical movement has many benefits and encourages activity in the spine, the pelvis, the feet, the legs and the pelvic floor. It is the root of all the standing and seated work that happens in the class.

These simple movements work to softly break down tensions in the body, allowing us to feel and then listen to our bodies and then to let go of tensions to bring us back to our natural state. It facilitates space across the lumbar spine and pelvic region and naturally activates the pelvic floor. It brings softness to your belly and whole body. This is great for pregnant ladies; more space for baby and more ease for mama, and for post natal ladies, as in order to reconnect internally (the deep core muscles) we first need soften the external ones.

This method also helps us to find connection; to ourselves, our breath, our baby, the floor, our own femininity, not to mention connection to others around us. To me, this is what yoga is all about, connecting with others wherever they are at, meeting and learning from them. I can see this connection happening in the classes I teach at The Well Woman Centre. Seeing women coming together and bonding through shared experiences. After all who remembers better than a brand new mum how it feels to be pregnant, and being around mums and their new borns is a great experience for those about to have their own. It’s a unique dynamic and one I’m proud to be part of.

Jo x

Incrementa tu Fertilidad siguiendo los secretos de los antiguos taoístas


Sabias que los Taoistas de hace miles de años atrás, usaban la energía sexual para su crecimiento espiritual, para tener buena salud y longevidad?

Es lamentable que en nuestros tiempos el sexo es interpretado como un tabu, como algo sucio, algo difícil de hablar hasta con nuestros propios hijos, o es excesivamente usado para publicidad desde fotografía hasta carros.

La pornografía es un mal ejemplo de como usar la energía sexual. Los jóvenes de hoy reciben una noción errónea y contradictoria acerca de lo que es la energía sexual.

La energía sexual es lo que produce la Vida.

Sin embargo, cuando pregunto a las parejas que me vienen a ver para tratamientos de fertilidad acerca de su vida sexual, la mayoría responde que últimamente está bastante baja, que no tienen tiempo, mucho trabajo y muy cansados para eso.

Nuestro estilo de vida desgasta nuestra energía vital y no sabemos como reponerla, nos sentimos cansados y deprimidos. Tentamos compensar comiendo sano, yendo al gimnasio, recibiendo masajes, haciendo yoga, pilates, etc.

Los maestros taoístas descubrieron que la energía sexual es la energía mas abundante y poderosa que tenemos. Los maestros retenían la energía sexual y la transformaban en una energía mas elevada, en energía espiritual.

La función básica del acto sexual es la de reproducción, cada vez que estamos activos sexualmente, generamos la fuerza de la vida, la energía vital. Durante un orgasmo la energía vital se dispersa, por eso que es importante aprender cómo guardar y transformar la energía de la vida en energía vital.

Esto no es Tantra, muchas práctica taoístas eran secretas pero como muchos eventos de la evolución humana, el Tantra debe haber ocurrido paralelo a los taoistas, cada uno evoluió con sus propias características.

Existen diferentes energías, positiva y negativa, energía vital, energía sexual, etc. Cada una de estas energías tiene una característica especial, cuando aprendemos a diferenciar una de la otra, podemos controlarlas y transformarlas. Lo negativo en positivo y cultivar energías positivas que son útiles para nuestra salud física, mental y espiritual.

Existen muchas técnicas fáciles y simples para incrementar la energía en general, tales como Qi Gong, Tai-chi, Yoga, etc. pero nos concentraremos en las hormonas, cómo incrementar la energía en el sistema de Reproducción.


Los ovarios son las glándulas sexuales, el tamaño de una almendra, que se encuentran a ambos lados del útero, que producen el estrógeno y la progesterona para asegurar la función de los órganos sexuales.

Masaje Ovárico

  • Coloca los dos pulgares tocando el ombligo de manera que las dos puntas se tocan.
  • Estira los indices para formar un triángulo.
  • Estira los meñiques hacia las caderas y donde la punta de los dedos tocan encontrarás tus ovarios.
  • Siente la sensación en la yema de los dedos y en los ovarios, a esta altura si no sientes nada no te aflijas, la practica te ayudará a sentir. La respiración tiene que ser lenta y profunda en la parte inferior de la barriga. Sonríe a tus ovarios, una sonrisa con respeto, amor y compasión.
  • Masajea los ovarios con la yema de los dedos haciendo 36 círculos en una dirección y 36 en la dirección opuesta.

Trata de concentrarte, no te distraigas con otros pensamientos que vendrán a tu mente, mientras mas te concentras mas energía enviarás a tus ovarios. Acuérdate que donde va la mente va la energía, así que cuidado con los pensamientos negativos, no los sigas, transformalos en energía positiva, en positive good energy para tus ovarios.


  • Estimula la circulación de la sangre en los ovarios y otros órganos sexuales
  • Estimula la producción de hormonas
  • Mejora el libido
  • Mas energía en general

Boost your Fertility using Ancient Taoist Secrets


Did you know that the ancient Taoists from thousands of years ago used sexual energy for their spiritual growth, for good health and for longevity?
It is unfortunate that in our times sex is either interpreted as taboo, something dirty that is difficult to talk about, even to our own children, or used excessively to anything and everything, from cars to photography.
Pornography is not the best example of how to use sexual energy. Young people receive a confused and contradictory notion of what sexual energy really is.

Sexual energy is the energy that produces Life.
However, when I ask couples that come to my clinic for fertility treatment about their sex life and energy, the majority respond that lately it is very poor, they don´t have time, are too tired and that they don´t have time for that.
Our lifestyle takes away our vital energy and if we don´t replenish it we become exhausted and depressed. We try to compensate by eating healthy, to going to the gym, having a massage, doing yoga and pilates, etc.
The old Taoist masters discovered that the sexual energy is the easiest and most abundant energy that we have. They stored their sexual energy and then transformed into higher more spiritual energy.
The basic function of sex is reproduction, when we are sexually active, we are generating life force, the vital force. During orgasm the life force dissipates, which is why it is important to learn how to store and transform this life energy into vital energy.
Don´t get confused — this is not Tantra, most of these Taoist practices were secret but like most events in human evolution Tantra may had happened parallel to the Taoists and each one evolved with its own characteristics.
We have different energies– both negative and positive, vital energy, sexual energy, etc. Each one of these energies have a different characteristic and we can learn how to differentiate one from the other we can control and transform them. The negative into positive and to cultivate positive energies which are beneficial for our mental, physical and spiritual health.

There are several simple techniques, easy to perform, that increase our energy en general, like Qi Gong, Tai-chi, Yoga, etc., but we will concentrate in the hormones, how to increase the energy in the Reproductive System.

OvariesThe ovaries are sexual glands, the size of an almond, they are located on both sides of the uterus, they produce estrogen and progesterone to ensure the function of the sexual organs. We can improve the function of the ovaries by doing ovarian massage.

Ovarian Massage

  • Put both thumbs on your belly button touching each other ends.
  • Extend the index fingers to form a triangle.
  • Extend the little finger towards the hips, where the tip of the fingers are you will find your ovaries.
  • Feel them with the tip of the little fingers and breath deeply concentrating your mind on the sensation that this produce, do not worry if you don´t feel anything yet at this stage. The breathing has to be slow and deep down to your lower belly.
  • Smile to your ovaries, a smile with respect, love and compassion
  • Massage the ovaries with the tip of your fingers doing circles 36 times to one direction and 36 times to the opposite direction.

Try to concentrate and don´t get distracted with other thoughts.  The more you concentrate, the more energy you will send to the ovaries. Remember, the energy follows the mind, so be careful with negative thoughts, don´t follow them — transform them into positive thoughts to send good energy to your ovaries.


  • Stimulate blood circulation to the ovaries and other sexual organs
  • Stimulate the production of hormones
  • Increase of libido
  • More energy



Uby is an Acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine. She uses a variety of techniques from Chinese medicine, such as Chinese herbs, moxibustion, cups, diet, Qi gong and Tai-chi.
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Natural fertility for Couples

Natural fertility for couples

To conceive a life is a natural act that is produced across the union of a man and a woman or in other words the union of the sperm and the egg so we will talk about fertility referring both to the man and the woman.

In the past years the number of couples with difficulty conceiving has grown considerably, causing a lot of stress on the couple, which increases the problem even more. Many women and men work long hours, eat irregularly and not well, do not have time to dedicate to one another, and wait for too long to have children or until everything is perfect but the truth is that the perfect time is never perfect. Many finally decide to go for the conventional route of IVF, ICSI, IUI, etc.

What is Chinese Medicine?

The system of Chinese medicine basically consists of Acupuncture, Herbs, and Massage. It is a natural medicine that still continues to be effective though it exists from around 4000 years ago. The Chinese discovered then that the energy or life force that maintain life runs through the body across the meridians or canals of energy like the electricity in a house moves across the cables connecting to all the rooms and when we want to turn on a light in a room we press a button and as it by magic we obtain light. As well in our body the energy or life force runs across the meridians, the points come to be like a button that turns on the light in a room. The points are sources of energy that when stimulated are able to relieve many symptoms at a time that balance the energy.

When our energy is balanced we experience good health, we feel positive, strong and in good spirit and we don’t have pain. The opposite occurs in different grades of intensity when the energy is unbalanced.

The energy is unbalance either by causes of stress, bad diet and excess of any type. In summary, if we maintain a balanced life, our energy also will be balanced. Our life style is very important to have good health and if we neglect it we begin to feel in a bad mood, pain in different parts of our body, we feel negative, etc.

How Acupuncture is able to help to conceive

Like we have already said, Acupuncture helps to balance energy by way of points that are stimulated with acupuncture needles that are very small and thin. Before placing the needles, the Acupuncturist makes a diagnosis of the patient by means of questions about their medical history, observation, taking the pulse, observing the tongue, etc. This is done in the first visit and is a very important part because from there they will determine what type of treatment they will receive, what points will be used and by how long to leave the needles in the points.

The integration of body and the mind are very important. The hormones and the emotions play a crucial part in reproduction because the fertility of the woman is very related to her emotions and by how she feels on herself. We see this very clear in the days before menstruation, especially when the woman has had a stressful time either in her work or in her relations with her family and friends, in these days the woman is able to feel all of her emotions more deeply because her emotions are amplified in this period.

The acupuncturist observes and feels and in accordance to the signs and symptoms will choose the points that will help to restore balance.

The World Health Organization recognizes that Acupuncture can help with 43 clinical conditions. In the field of fertility, there exists numerous studies that demonstrate that acupuncture is able to help with:

– Regulating the menstrual cycle
– Improve ovulation
– Balance the Hormones
– Improve blood circulation in the pelvis area
– Reduce stress
– Reinforce the endometrium
– Improve the quantity and quality of sperm
– Helps the immune system

Acupuncture also helps maintain good health and it is proved across numerous studies that is very helpful during pregnancy and birth.

In Chinese Medicine, the heart, the kidneys and the uterus are considered the “alma mater” of the reproduction system. There exists a canal called “Bao Gong” that energetically connects the three.

The heart houses the spirit or “Shen” that in chinese medicine means the activity of the hypothalamus and the pituitary, that control the hormones. We all know the influence of the mind on the functions of the body and the menstrual period of the woman.

The kidneys store the Jing (the essence of life). The kidney Yin and the kidney Yang influence the regulation of the reproductive functions.

The uterus is the stage where all takes place and includes all of the reproductive organs like the uterus, ovaries, the fallopian tubes and the neck of the uterus.

Other organs related to the system of reproduction are the liver whose energy moves and stores the blood and the spleen that produces the blood from the food that we eat , from here the importance in the quality of food since that depends on the quality of our blood.

Some of the more important factors to better the possibilities to conceive are:
– Life Style
– Diet
– Emotions

Lifestyle: A balance life is the key to preserve our Jing. The Jing is the essence that we inherit from our parents and its quality determines our constitution and our ability to reproduce. Our Jing depletes as we age, but if we care about eating healthy, if we exercise and we carry a balanced life our Jing will wear less. We should consider our Jing like our capital. The energy that we need to live daily must come from the air we breathe and the food we eat. But if we work too many hours, without fresh air and are stressed, our Jing will wear away very rapidly. The same occurs if we drink too much coffee or sweets to have more energy. These are stimulants that give us false energy, energy that in reality we don’t have. What truthfully gives us energy is moderate exercise, a healthy diet, spending a good time with friends, to relax and sleep.

Diet: Here again we have to say moderation is the key. Fresh food, a little meat, chicken or fish, rice, pasta, a glass of wine with food from time to time, and infusions of herbs make up a good diet. Ideally the food should be simple, fresh and less processed. Better for our health and better for out future children.

Emotions: All the emotions affect our body and our organs. All emotions, even those that our minds don´t register but our body itself perceives because sometimes these are little things that happen to us but we unconsciously ignore them for self preservation because the truth is that we will go crazy. But like it or not, all emotions affect our body and our organs. The Chinese discovered millions of years back that different types of emotions affect different organs:

• Too much laughter and excitement effects the heart
• Too much thought and worry affects the spleen
• Too much sadness and melancholy effects the lungs
• Too much anxiety or fear affects the kidneys
• Too much anger and frustration effects the liver

Emotional health is a very important factor for conception.

Sex is another important factor, consider your relation with your partner as if it were a plant that you water and care for so that is can grow well. Sex is one of the nutrients that helps a couple have a healthy relationship. A couple should try to enjoy their time together and “make love” not only to conceive but to maintain a relationship complete and healthy. To make love doesn’t mean to have penetration always, but to relax, play and stimulate the sexual organs of each other to maintain in good form and activate the hormones. Sex helps the couple to maintain a healthy body and mind. And to have a more honest and profound relationship.

Factors that affect fertility in Women and Men

Stress, being overweight or underweight, tobacco, drinking a lot of alcohol, coffee, age, oral contraceptives, allergies, painkillers, lubricants, the quality of sperm and eggs, pollution and chemicals.

It takes approximately 6 months for a couple to conceive, although although it can take more or less. When a couple decides to have a child they have to take responsibility to have a healthy life style. If a couple in spite of having good health and without any physical problem that could impede conception and still not able to get pregnant depending on the age it is advisable to try other more invasive methods.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga classesHatha Vinyasa Yoga with Renata, Canadian Yoga and Pilates instructor and Thai Yoga massage therapist, certified in Canada since 15 years.

Yoga Course: Introduction and the deepening of the practice of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic and creative style, precise and fluid at the same time. We also include more than just the physical part of yoga, we incorporate pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and philosophy. Yoga is a powerful tool we can use to live a happier and more peaceful life.

Wednesdays 19.45h to 21h, Barcelona Well Woman Clinic

Small classes where we will cover specific material each month to help us understand and deepen our yoga practice.

September 2012 – Module 1: Foundations. To be able to cultivate and grow a healing yoga practice, we need to understand what it is that we are doing from the ground, up. If the base is not there, the structure does not last.

Also: Pre and Post Natal Yoga: Thursdays 11h a 12h

More details and to sign up: Telf. 622 359 547, cinnamonyoga@gmail com.